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During our 25 years of ministry along the Amazon, we discovered a virtually limitless need for clean water wells. The expensive drilling process and supplies mean the villagers cannot meet this need without help. Providing clean, safe drinking water creates a critical need for time and money resources.  Amazon Outreach wants to meet this urgent need for clean water, and we can do so with your help.  

Why Donate

The fact is water is easily found in the Amazon rainforest! The villagers bathe in it, swim in it, wash their clothes and dishes in it, their cattle wade in it and they drink it. The Amazon is a major food and water source for some four million villagers along its banks but sadly acts as a free-flowing sewage system. The majority of the villagers use the river as their sole source of drinking water and have medical issues consistent with unclean water.

$6000 = Fresh water for a village

Amazon Outreach’s water well drilling program aims to provide children and families in the Amazon River basin with sustainable, safe drinking water. By helping them prevent waterborne disease, we remove the single heaviest burden of the people we serve and free them from the trap of perpetual poor health, minimal education, and poverty. Clean water is the first step to improved health, education, and economic prosperity. 

Our team is committed to establishing lasting changes in every aspect of the water well drilling process. We keep very low overhead costs so that the funds you give are maximized for the villagers who need life-giving water. We are devoted to establishing deep, meaningful partnerships with the villagers regarding the drilling process.

Beyond this, we are committed to water sustainability and teach rural recipients how to use their new water sources for better hygiene and sanitation. The water well crew works tirelessly throughout the year, assisting villages along the Amazon and providing clean, pure water to these communities.

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"People will not believe the words of your mouth until they feel the touch of your hand."

Brazilian Missionary, Dr. Richard Walker

You, Your Team, or Your Company can provide fresh, safe drinking water. 

Saving Lives, Sharing Jesus, Lives Transformed

  • 1 out of 10 wells will fail; in this case, a well will be re-drilled, and two donors may be on the same commemorating plaque. 
  • Our goal is always to have the well drilled for the donor's trip to hold a dedication service, but it cannot be guaranteed. However, a report with pics of the drilling will be sent to the donor. 
  • Our missionary partners are responsible for selecting the location of wells.
  • The well-drilling boat typically goes out a month at a time with materials for 3-4 wells, then returns. Therefore, it can take up to a year to drill a well, depending on the number of wells donated.
  • Our preference is to drill wells when attached to a team.
Since 2005, 230 wells have been drilled.