Medical Missions

At the beginning of each day, we identify the village's needs. Our team then sets up the medical, dental, and optical ministries, usually in the local school or church and sometimes under a shade tree. Villagers are then free to take advantage of these ministries throughout the day. Sometimes, this is the only care a villager receives in a year.

There have been many times when our boat showed up, and there was a medical emergency that needed attention. We believe God works and performs miracles oftentimes for just even one person. No matter your skill level, plenty of work must be done.


Brazilian and American doctors and nurses use their professional skills to provide comfort and healing through first aid, essential medications, treatments, and life-changing surgeries.


Villagers come from miles around to receive oral care. Brazilian and American dentists and dental hygienists teach oral hygiene and relieve suffering from acute dental issues.


The Optical Ministry gives fundamental help to fishermen to string their fishing nets, women to thread needles, and villagers to read. American volunteers are trained to dispense reading glasses, which help improve vision for thousands of people each year.