Our Story

Amazon Outreach began in 1999. After taking several mission trips to Brazil, a small group of short-term missionaries (people very similar to you) developed a passion for sharing Jesus with the villagers along the Amazon River Basin in Brazil.

They quickly realized they needed a boat to do ministry.

  • The state of Amazonas has few major roads or highways. Contact is mainly through river transportation. Many villages are only accessible by boat; the waters rise and fall about 40 feet, depending on the season.
  • On each trip, team members would be down for days with sicknesses caused by unclean water.
  • Renting a boat had too many inconsistencies. The best option would be to build their boat.

One mission boat turned into two, plus a water well drilling boat. Today, Amazon Outreach is in the process of building its 3rd Mission Boat.

Our Boats:

  • 1999 - LINDA ESPERANÇA  (Beautiful HOPE)
  • 2005 - AMOR e ESPERANÇA  (LOVE and Hope)
  • 2025 - FÉ e ESPERANÇA  (FAITH and Hope)

Our Mission

Amazon Outreach mobilizes mission teams to assist Brazilian churches in making disciples by sharing the love of Jesus along the Amazon River Basin.

Our Purpose

Transforming lives on two continents.

Our Values

We will be Spirit-led servant leaders who cultivate loving, transparent relationships as we strive to fulfill our mission with excellence.

  • Spirit-Led: We strive to live by faith and dependence on God
  • Servant Leadership: The purpose of the position is to leverage it for the benefit of others
  • Loving Relationships: The success of our mission hinges on the quality of our relationships
  • Transparency: We will be rigorously honest in all our dealings 
  • Excellence: We do not seek perfection but progress

We Believe

  • God is sending us to the ends of the earth.
  • Faith demands action, and He equips who he calls.
  • Everyone should have clean water, adequate healthcare, food, clothing, and shelter.
  • God is powerfully changing lives; our lives through praying, sending, going, and their lives… the villagers and pastors.

Our Objective

  • Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to villages along the Amazon River
  • Encourage, strengthen, and assist our church partners in Brazil
  • Encourage and disciple the existing Christians in the Amazon villages as well as the village lay pastors
  • Provide medical attention for villagers
  • Provide clean water  to the Amazon villagers