The land we now own is a direct result of what you and Jesus did on the river.

by Angela Brazil on April 26, 2023

For years AO has needed a permanent mission base to dock the boats, store supplies, and load the teams, but time and time again, the Lord closed the door. At the end of a three-year search, one piece of land was found that seemed perfect. The drawback; it was twice the cost we had budgeted. Last April, the board made a difficult decision. AO was giving up on the dream of owning a Mission Base and instead would renovate the floating barge used to dock the boats.

The backstory on the new Mission Base. Angela is the Brazilian attorney and the realtor we hired in 2021 to track down and negotiate a site for our new base. In 2023 Angela went on an AO trip near Parintins. As the trip came to a close, God impressed upon her to go back to the land she’d negotiated. She felt God was telling her this land was Amazon Outreach’s and she needed to try again.

Angela talked to the owner of the property. She wanted him to know it wasn’t a company wanting to buy the land, but a group of people who loved the villagers along the river. She showed him pictures from her trip and explained how these teams share Jesus as they provide medical care and drill water wells. He realized these teams were the hands and feet of Christ and his land would be used to help serve his people.

He decided to sell the base for the amount of money it cost him to build the road, buildings, and the retaining wall on the land. Because you serve on the Amazon, hearts, and lives are transformed as more people find Jesus and the joy and peace he offers.

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