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Covid-19 Update

So What's The Plan

Update as of June 29, 2021

Great News...The first three 2021 mission trips have returned and several more are preparing to go.

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV). 

A "sound mind" certainly requires us to take COVID-19 seriously, and the reality is Covid will be here for some time, but we have teams with a strong calling to go, a Brazilian church partner wanting us to come, and villages desperate for the hope of the we're going!  
Some of our Brazilian partner missionaries recently told us of the overwhelming appreciation the villages have expressed since they've resumed trips. "It's like when they see the boat, they are seeing 'Love' and 'Hope' arrive!" (Claudia).  "One woman held me and just cried while thanking us for coming. They were under great anxiety and thought they had been forgotten" (Deja). 

To not go feels more like fear than faith. Three AO board members and I went on the December 2020 trip to get us ready for 2021. We were excited to get back to the river and God confirmed the importance of our role there. Many villages along the river still have no knowledge of the saving grace of God. We were in one village that had no knowledge of Adam and Eve! As we shared the Gospel, a villager said, “I have never heard that before. No one ever talks to us like this.”

With few doctors or dentists on the river since the start of Covid, we were able to meet the pressing physical needs and were able to meet their spiritual needs as well. 

Amazon Outreach Covid-19 Policy 

The criteria we use to determine if we send teams

  1. Both countries open for travel
  2. Round tip transportation available
  3. Intact health care system in Manaus
  4. Villages desiring us to come
  5. Brazilian church partner desiring us to assist them
  6. A team called by God to go

Thankfully our Hope is not confined by our circumstances. And we know that God’s hand is on the mission because of His heart for The Forgotten People of the Amazon.


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