Land Ahoy

Land Ahoy

Expanding God's Influence On The River

For 21 years Amazon Outreach has dreamed of having a mission base. We believe God is calling us to take the first step and purchase land. We have many ideas of how we will utilize a mission base, but the most important is having a place to store large quantities of food, water, and medicines to resupply our boats. Besides making our current size sustainable, it will also create the infrastructure to add more mission boats in the future.

WHY NOW?  When the pandemic hit we thought the mission base idea needed to be put on the back burner...or so we thought. It turns out we now have a window of opportunity unheard of in our 21 year history.
  • In Brazil, over the last two years, the U.S. dollar has increased 57% in value
  • The pandemic is causing economic distress in Manaus which is creating a buyer’s market for river front properties
  • The recent discovery of underdeveloped land in an up-and-coming area will likely escalate in value within the next few years*


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