Ministry Areas

The “Forgotten People”, the name the villagers along the Amazon River call themselves. Unfortunately, this definition is a true reality. There are no roads along most of the river, which make boats the most common means of transportation. Because gas and oil are costly and travel by boat is time-consuming, even Brazilian humanitarian aid and missionaries rarely attend to the physical or spiritual needs of the villagers located on the river. This is why Amazon Outreach teams minister in several areas. Take a look and see where you would like to serve! 


Evangelism is at the heart of everything Amazon Outreach does. Every ministry shares Christ in a variety of ways, but each mission team has a specific Evangelism Team to develop relationships with villagers and open the doors to the gospel. These small teams go from home to home meeting families while we are in their village. From there, conversations begin, walls are torn down and hearts opened to hear about Christ’s love, mercy and grace for them.


Our Brazilian church partners call Amazon Outreach, “The Crowbar Ministry” because medical care opens up the door to the gospel. Brazilian and American doctors and nurses use their professional skills to provide comfort and healing through first aid, essential medications, treatments, and life-changing surgeries.


Dental care is another reason why we are called called “The Crowbar Ministry”. Villagers come from miles around to receive oral care. Brazilian and American dentists teach oral hygiene and relieve suffering from acute dental issues.  


The Optical Ministry gives fundamental help for fishermen to string their fishing nets, women to thread a needle or for villagers to read a book. American volunteers are trained to dispense reading glasses helping improve vision for thousands of people each year.


In every village men are hungry to hear about American life and eager to share their lives with us. To break down the existing cultural barriers a few male team members gather groups of village men together. They talk about hunting and fishing; leading into deeper conversations about fatherhood, marriage and spiritual topics.  


In every village women are excited to hear about American life and eager to share stories about theirs. Sometimes teams creatively break down the existing cultural barriers. Often teams will have a “beauty shop” where they style hair or paint nails. We also gather groups of village women together. They talk about their daily lives which in turn  leads into deeper conversations about motherhood, marriage and spiritual topics.


Team members engage the children in every village with songs, games, and Bible stories. Every morning and afternoon our teams host sessions where friendships are built, testimonies shared and the gospel presented in creative ways. Sharing the love of Christ to children plants seeds for future generations of Christians on the river.

Water well

One in eight people in the world do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. This amounts to approximately 900 million people worldwide, with children the most affected. Supplying village water wells is the answer to most of the health problems that exist among the children and adults who live along the river. By providing water and hygiene education the number of deaths caused by diarrheal diseases will be reduced by an average of 65%. The cost of drilling a water well is $5000.  

If you would like to donate for a water well you may do so here. Donate Now


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