Evangelism & Discipleship

evg2 Evangelism & Discipleship is at the heart of everything Amazon Outreach does. Our hope is that every child, woman, and man has a saving and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and to see each village have a thriving gospel presence within its community. We believe sharing the gospel is the most important thing we can do for a person.

Evangelism: A typical trip includes American volunteers, Brazilian translators, and our pastoral partners working together to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to communities along the Amazon River. We engage people in groups of men, women, visiting families in their homes, and one-on-one prayer at each of the ministry stations.

evg1Discipleship: We follow the preferred strategies of the local church partnerships. These strategies including ministering to a different village each day to reach as many villages as possible to help grow the reach of our partner missionaries, to dividing our teams up into groups that go into the same village day after day to develop relationships and more in-depth equipping of new believers. This approach allows teams to meet several times with a new believer who then invites their family and friends to hear the Gospel. Inductive bible study methods are modeled, taught, and learned.