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Make A Ripple

One drop

You think you are just one drop…

Many team members return from their trip to the Amazon and never know what ripples were made. A single drop introduced a village girl to Jesus. Here is her incredible story.


My name is Darc Fesler and I come from a small town in the Amazon called Boa Vista do Ramos. I first heard about Amazon Outreach as a child when an Amazon Outreach mission team visited my village. The bible stories they shared with such love and joy during Vaction Bible school lead me to accept Jesus.

As I watched the translators, I wondered how they could speak two languages at the same time! It was at that moment when I became interested in learning English. A sweet American lady gave me a dictionary and I began studying English by myself.

I continued to live there along the river and serve at the Baptist church in my town. My English progressed and I began translating for an American man who had been on an Amazon Outreach trip and who was doing business in Brazil. This man is now my husband and through him I reconnected with Amazon Outreach.

Today, I am here to tell you the blessings of this ministry on my life. My childhood dream to become a translator came true. I have traveled on three Amazon Outreach trips as a translator, and it is always an amazing experience. It is not only about translating, but also serving the Lord. I realized that the most precious gift we can share with others is the Gospel. We can give all the toothbrushes we want, but without sharing Jesus we would be without hope.

Amazon Outreach is responsible for changing my life; knowing Jesus, connecting to the church, seeing my family come to Christ, learning English and meeting my husband! Thank you for changing my life!

There is no better time than now to continue your support of the villagers along the Amazon who need to know Jesus.

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