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Len was an individual drop

He decided to join an Amazon Outreach trip not knowing that God would change the trajectory of his life as a result. As he walked up the hill to the first village, a frail little girl walked beside him, carrying one of her little brothers. When they arrived at the top of the hill, Len reached into his pocket and pulled out a sucker handing it to the girl. Her grin spread from ear to ear as she immediately handed it to her youngest brother. Len’s heart melted at her generosity, sharing the only sucker she’d probably ever received. He sat on the hill with the three children as they licked their suckers, and contemplated this act of kindness and generosity. Was God asking him to simply share his abundance with others?


As the week went on, Len heard the doctors discuss the water related diseases that made the children and their parents sick. In fact, most of the villagers had no idea that stomach cramps and diarrhea weren’t a normal part of life! He would watch the mothers wash their dishes and clothing in the river, while the kids swam in it and the animals waded nearby. Afterwards, the same water would be carried up to their houses to drink. If only there was a way to give the villagers clean drinking water.

When Len returned home, God would not let him rest until he researched ways to provide clean drinking water for the children on the Amazon. Len was inspired to search for organizations that could teach him about drilling water wells. He actually learned how to drill a water well and taught it to others. Afterwards, he raised the funds for a drill and a boat resulting in many others joining in the campaign. Together the ripples increased! Since God dropped Len into the Amazon, there are now 120 additional wells providing clean drinking water for thousands of children.


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