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Darkness on the River

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I am the father of two little daughters, which I deeply love and cherish. The amount of joy and happiness they bring to my life is absolutely and utterly priceless.

Maria and Gabriella (ages 7 and 12), have a very different story than that of my girls. They live in a small village on the Amazon River in Brazil. Their village is positioned along the beautiful Amazon River where a good amount of sailors pass by on boats each and every day. Many of these seafaring men are on the prowl looking for prostitutes. The father of these two little girls often offers them to the sailors for 20 Reais (about $5 USD). About the same you pay for a cup of Starbucks coffee. All the dignity of their human rights traded for the cost of our cup of morning brew.

Many questions flood my mind: How could their father even think about these evil acts? How can such evil exist in the world where a father sells his own daughters to these lowlifes? How desperate are their conditions that a father would have to resort to this type of wickedness? How deep is the heartbreak of these two little girls?

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness day. This day brings great sadness to my heart. About 1.2 million children are trafficked each year. Sex trafficking is increasing on the Amazon River and needs to be confronted. Darkness needs to be driven out by the Light. The villages that Amazon Outreach visits are similar to that of Maria and Gabriella’s. Children are being defiled and exploited, often by those who should be defending and protecting them.

Maria and Gabriella have another father, a heavenly Father, who has provided for their salvation. At Amazon Outreach, the message of hope in Christ we bring provides rescue for the soul; and subsequently, the courage to stand in the face this type of darkness. Through grass-roots community-wide efforts and public awareness campaigns, our teams encourage villagers to take a stand by reporting these unspeakable and heinous crimes.

If you would like to support the continuing work of Amazon Outreach please do so here:

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