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“God could have sent $$, but instead He sent Himself.”

I was recently asked, “Wouldn’t it be better to just send money to a Brazilian church than send a team there for a week?”

The question seems to make a strong point. The reality is that churches don’t raise $100K to send to the Amazon, but teams do. Going creates mission dollars that would otherwise not exist. Going converts money that would otherwise go to Disney World into World Missions.

Secondly, the churches in Brazil tell us they are more effective when we go. That’s why they call us “The Crow Bar Ministry.” Amazon Outreach is uniquely used to open closed villages to the gospel through our various ministries.

We must also go because the days of just praying and giving to missions is over! The younger generation will not support mission institutions, they want to go and make a difference themselves. When we give them opportunities to go, they are impacting the next generation for Christ. The future favors the churches that mobilize.

So would it be better to just send money? As a pastor, I came to the conclusion that a week on the Amazon would produce more spiritual growth in the villagers and my people than a year of my best sermons. Going is worth every penny!

God could have sent $$, but instead He sent Himself. “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…”

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