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7 Ways to Be Praying for the Amazon


It’s Day #4 of Amazon Outreach’s 7 Days of Christmas! Today we are requesting prayers! Here’s how you can be praying for Amazon Outreach and the people along the Amazon river:

  1. For God to bring the crew, interpreters, volunteers, doctors and dentists to serve on Amazon Outreach trips.
  2. For all the employees, crew, interpreters, (etc.) to be one body committed to Christ, working in love.
  3.  For guidance on those who are praying over going on mission trip in 2016, that God would go before each one of them and make a way. 
  4.  For the missionaries who serve full time along the Amazon River, that God would keep them safe and healthy.
  5.  For divine appointments, wisdom, and discernment for all who will be traveling to the Amazon to share God’s love.
  6.  For the villagers along the Amazon River, that God would raise up leaders and disciples.
  7. For those along the Amazon River who do not yet know Christ, that their hearts, minds, eyes, and ears would be open to the Gospel message

1 Peter 3:12 “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer”

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