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I Can Go To Haiti For A Fraction Of The Price

Why go to the Amazon when I can go to Haiti for a fraction of the price?

People tend to be fascinated hearing about a mission trip to the Amazon.  But the cost of going often creates sticker shock.  The short answer to why it cost more to do missions on the Amazon can be summarized in one word; ACCESSIBLITY.  Mission trips can be categorized in three ways…

Highly accessible

The church I pastored had a yearly youth trip to New Orleans.  They loaded in a van and were in New Orleans doing ministry within a few hours; no passports, visas, or translators needed.


Recently a guy told me he could leave Dallas in the morning have lunch in Haiti. Hatti isn’t highly accessible, but it’s not hard to get there. There’s no language barrier and there are places to eat and sleep.


These are the areas of the world so remote that only diehard missionaries ever see.  These places have no hotels, no restaurants, no roads, and no airports.  It cost a great deal more to reach inaccessible areas for Christ.  Very few people will physically or financially pay the price.

Amazon Outreach uniquely makes “Inaccessible” villages “Accessible.”  Year-round maintenance of boats and staff is expensive, but it’s how we turn hard-core mission trips into an entry level trips. The boats serve as hotel, restaurant, transportation, and safe place in the jungle.  Middle schoolers to senior adults can now reach “the least of these” at “the ends of the earth.”

New Orleans and Haiti need Jesus.  But who will pay the price to go to the Amazon?   “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the…” Amazon (Hab. 2:14a NASB).



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